Grazhir :: Skyrim :: Yvara :: Story Detail


Yvara Status: Complete
Sequel: Yes
Snapshots: No
Span: 05042015-02062015
Pairings: Gen with a het slant

Summary: An attempt at an RP-style play-through of Skyrim, with a story written based on the journal mod I used to keep track of what happened, separated into ten parts, based on major questlines.

Spoilers: Skyrim, All DLC, Mods (courtesy of Nexus)

Warnings: Flippancy? Mary-Sue-ish? Rampant sarcasm.

Consults: UESP

Beta: Batsutousai

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Bethesda. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Notes: Includes references to various mods I use, including but not limited to, in no particular order: Live Another Life, Dwemer Luggage, Ritual Armor of Boethiah, Chesko’s Wearable Lantern, Convenient Horses, Elysium Estate, Take Notes!, Better Vampires, Balanced Magic, Forgotten Magic Redone, Males of Skyrim?, and so on. I have around a hundred mods, and I'll be damned if I list all of them.

The name Yvara was taken from looking at the UESP listings for female Breton characters from various Elder Scrolls games, so that I had something I knew was “lore friendly”, but wasn’t being used in Skyrim. The story also includes a non-existent made-up item because relying on the Face Sculptor wouldn’t work and wouldn’t be discreet enough (meaning I used showracemenu when necessary).

As for the pairing, I don’t like how most people you can marry are either fugly or get ripped away from their lives. Yeah, because seeing Argis baking pies in whatever home is so adorable when he should be stalking around wailing on hostiles. Yvara hasn’t done anything except appreciating the view and some vague flirting, but if you want to believe that she’s secretly indulging in bedsport offscreen with certain people, you go right ahead.

Also, I almost never write in first person, but this one seems to lend itself to that, based on the notes I’ve been taking along the way (Take Notes! journal mod) as I play. Yvara is a bit flippant or tongue-in-cheek and it just doesn’t come across right in third person. I think it has to do with not having an established character to keep in, you know, character, so first person is just easier to work with. She may also come across as Mary-Sueish, but part of that has to do with her benefits and assuming that perks unlock automatically.

Uh... since I’m writing this based on the journal mod it’s weirdly descriptive and slow in places, and “wow, a week passed and I have no idea what happened” in others. Meaning, all or some of it may be hella boring to some people, but that’s not my problem. Either you’ll enjoy it or you won’t. I probably won’t write in loving detail a bunch of tombs, but there’s probably going to be at least a passing mention of places she goes. This is a different kind of story from my usual in that sense, where I usually try to be economical and only include things that advance either the plot or the characters. This? Anything is up for grabs. Including very short sections for any particular day. Don’t like it? Don’t bitch to me about it. You were warned.

There’s a lot of deviation and kludging together of dialogue options. There’s also absurdity from actual events in the game (either by design, things the official or unofficial patches don’t cover, or just catching people at the wrong time, so most of the stuff that comes across as a little bizarre really did happen in the play-through I journaled, which explains why most of the time she's jogging everywhere instead of “cheating” with fast travel). Uh, I also haven’t fiddled with the rate of time or adjusted the dates to reflect a larger Skyrim so the dates are pretty much as-is, which again strengthens the Mary Sue qualities.

Missing dialogue (for Savos Aren) was used in chapters six and seven, courtesy of UESP. It was kind of a shame it was left out, because it really adds something to the whole thing. And you’d never know it unless you were curious and poked around, or had the right sources to tap.

Amusingly, a mod I have makes the dust motes down in Blackreach into snow, so I have to assume the devs were hopped up on skooma to make dust and snow from the same source. I should not be seeing my “whimsical” variety of snowflakes underground, yet I am.