Grazhir :: Final Fantasy :: Snafu :: 09


On the way back to the palace Kiros thought to mention that the order had gone up for Adel’s Tomb to be given a push into deep space while they were on their mission.

“Excellent news. It’s just a question now of managing to do the same for Edea, loathe as I am to even contemplate that for a woman I once knew and loved as a mother,” he said sadly.

“Orders have already been given to begin building another ship of that class,” Kiros replied, “and to create another tomb. I have yet to run across a sorceress in my readings which showed one who just snapped back out of it after going insane.”

Squall nodded and was silent for the remainder of the ride, trying to resolve his feelings on the matter. It was an easy enough thing to suggest or even order it when the person in question wasn’t a former loved one, but now. . . ?

Ellone broke away from Laguna and tagged along with Squall to the communal area in their wing. She gave him a hug once they arrived and said, “I bet I know what you’re thinking.”

“You probably do. But I’d rather not talk about that just yet.”

She nodded, her expression deeply sad, then brightened up and said, “Oh. So you don’t want to know what I was trying to accomplish?”

He gave her a faint smile for changing the subject so adroitly. “Of course I do. And I plan to hold you captive until you confess.”

Ellone dimpled at him. “Oh, well, since I’m terribly frightened of you and your evil minions, I shall just have to tell, won’t I.”

As it turned out she was attempting to change the past by connecting with Squall’s consciousness and seeing if things could change. “I just wanted to get Uncle Laguna to go back sooner, so we could have all stayed together.”

“But how would you do that? I mean, if you have a reason now to change the past, and you make the change in the past, you’d be a different person because whatever it was that made you want a change would never have happened and you wouldn’t have a reason to change it in the first place, so you’d never have gone back to change the past, which means it never happened and nothing changed,” Selphie said. “The only way it could even potentially work is if a person went back bodily and changed something they had no knowledge of, but created a situation they did have knowledge of, just not how it came about, so that when they returned it would seem like nothing changed, but in reality it would have.”

Ellone’s eyes crossed as she tried to work that out, but eventually she nodded. “Well, I’m glad none of you were hurt because of it. We’re together again and happy, so I can’t ask for more than that.”

“What about how more than just Squall kept getting pulled in?” Seifer asked. “Some sort of proximity effect? Limited to three people because your power can’t handle more than that?”

Ellone shrugged. “I guess so. I can only make it work for people I actually know and have spent some time around. I couldn’t send someone random back, nor could I send someone I know back to someone I didn’t. And I can’t send myself, except as a side effect of connecting to who I do send. I could see what happened in those visions because I was connected to Squall. I think Uncle Laguna might have been partially aware of what was happening, but maybe only because Squall is his son.”

That more or less closed that matter and Ellone promised not to do it again without permission. Irvine rounded up a card game and soon the group (admittedly, minus Raijin and Fujin, who were doing who knew what) was playing. Seifer bowed out after a while to spend time with his posse, and Irvine and Selphie eventually drifted away, leaving just Squall and Ellone, who spoke quietly with each other for another hour before she called it a night.

Squall wandered back to his room and slumped on the couch. ‘Well, it is kind of late. And I forgot to have dinner.’ He got back up and fashioned a sandwich to eat, then cleaned his gunblade, took a shower, and slept.

The next morning he was whisked away by Laguna for some bonding time. For some reason, this involved painting. Or rather, Laguna painting his portrait while they talked—and if all the artwork in the room was anything to go by his father was quite the artist—though for the moment he was just using a pencil to sketch out the basics on the canvas. “Will you tell me about yourself?”

Squall shrugged. “There’s honestly not that much to tell. After the orphanage I went to Balamb Garden. I did my best as a student, worked hard to master my gunblade, and eventually became a SeeD.”

Laguna leaned sideways slightly and squinted at him, then shifted back and said, “So no real friends?”

“Not unless you count the cafeteria ladies, no. I was driven. I didn’t like to waste time on things I thought were unimportant.”

“I think you got that from Raine. Oh, she was social enough, but she knew what she wanted and worked for it. I had kind of a hard time becoming friends with her, though. I know she would have been proud of you. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks,” he muttered.

“But it’s different now, right? You seem to be fairly close with your team.”

He considered that and had to shake his head. “Not exactly. I trust them. I know they won’t let me down, and the odds of them behaving in ways I have trouble tolerating is next to nil. I enjoy their company and I suppose you can say we’re all friends, but I’m not sure I’d call it close. But it’s only been that way since recently, so I don’t know what will happen along the way.”

“I think it’s pretty clear that they trust you, too,” Laguna replied. “And respect you. I think it’s an excellent start. I’m different, of course. I’ll make friends with just about anyone.” His face appeared briefly around the side of the canvas, sporting a goofy smile.

“Sis clearly adored you.”

Laguna laughed. “And I adored her. Still do. It’s funny, though. After Raine and I married I had hoped to give her a sibling, even though I never really thought of her as my daughter. Maybe because she always called me uncle. And I did, I just never realized it. I wish—”

“I do, too,” he interrupted, “but the past is the past. At least I got to see some of it. I know what my mother was like, even if only briefly, and you and I are sitting right here now. I don’t really know how to be a son, and I can be pretty cranky, but. . . .”

His father started chortling madly. “Maybe I should unleash you on some of the idiots in this government. As an example, they complain that the soldiers rely too much on the enhanced suits they wear as battle gear and are neglecting their personal strength and skills. So what do they lobby for? Robot soldiers!”

Squall snorted and rubbed his chin. “Well, if I run across one of them I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on that,” he said dryly. “Did—did you ever fall in love again?”

“No, Raine was it for me. I’ve yet to meet another woman who could compare to your mother. But I have excellent friends, an interesting job, and I’m okay. I mean, you know I spent some time with Julia before that, but looking back on it I think I just wanted the company of a pretty, talented lady, someone I could talk to who didn’t already know everything about me. If I were to meet someone in the future she’d have a lot to live up to, but I’d like to believe Raine would want me to be happy. What about you? You seem very close to Seifer.”

He tensed slightly, hoping that wasn’t going to become an issue. “We’re dating.”

“Hm. I’ll have to get grand-babies from Ellone, then,” Laguna said, then peeked around the canvas long enough to flash him another smile.

‘Okay,’ he thought, relaxing again, ‘Not a negative response.’ “We used to clash a lot at Garden, but I think that’s because I didn’t remember exactly who he was for so long. He did. He was always there, and he ended up becoming my sparring partner since he uses a gunblade, too.”

“So what changed?” Laguna stepped into view so he could see both Squall and the canvas easily at the same time, his eyes flickering back and forth between them, then disappeared again.

He furrowed his brow. “Not to avoid the question, but you seem . . . much less, er, excitable right now.”

“I’m always calmer when I sketch or paint. It helps me to think more clearly, too.”

Squall nodded. “Hn. The last spar Seifer and I had at Garden, well, I was losing that time and I didn’t like that. So I found an opportune moment and kissed him to throw him off his game. It worked. He kept giving me funny looks after that and I thought it was interesting and amusing.” He went on to explain about the SeeD exam and a few of their other conversations and smiled when his father started chortling again part way through. “So we’re dating now.”

“Well it doesn’t seem to be having any negative effects on your team or the missions you do, so I don’t see any problem with it from an employer viewpoint, and as a father I have none at all unless he suddenly goes nutty one day or becomes abusive. You’re old enough to know your own mind, and while I’m probably not the best person to speak with when it comes to relationship advice, I’ll do my best if you want to talk to me about it at some point for whatever reason.”


“Hm. Come over here for a minute and tell me what you think so far.”

They spent the better part of the day simply talking while Laguna moved on to his paints and brushes, and Squall returned to the team’s wing feeling—content.


Ultimecia smiled as she surveyed her new toy. Her hunting had been fruitful in more ways than one. Not only was she now in command of Lunatic Pandora, but she had tracked down, almost accidentally, a woman who knew exactly what had happened to Adel. After taking part in the resistance the woman had left and moved to Fisherman’s Horizon with others who were tired of living in a country where the potential for violence was never ruled out, but had later become dissatisfied with the town she helped build. Along the way she had been granted the powers of an elderly minor sorceress and had settled quietly, never once letting anyone know what she was. The woman didn’t deserve those powers! And now she had neither powers nor life, as it should be. And all that because history was written by the winners, and they had chosen to give only the barest of details. Ultimecia turned her gaze on her ‘knight’ and ordered, “Proceed to Esthar along the route I specified.”


He was just about to open his door when the one behind him opened. Squall turned and was caught at the wrist by Seifer and pulled inside the blond’s suite. The next thing he knew he was backed up against the closed door and Seifer was kissing him. When Seifer finally pulled away Squall said, “Wow. What was that for?”

“I haven’t seen you all day and I needed a fix,” Seifer replied with a grin. “Did things go well with Laguna?” he asked, drawing Squall away from the door and over to the dining table.

“It went very well, I think. He’s quite a talented artist. What are you doing?” he asked as Seifer guided him over to a chair and gently pushed him into it.

“What do you think?” Seifer wandered into the kitchen area and brought back a tray with a selection of cold dishes on it. “I can’t cook that well, and this isn’t much,” he admitted, “but I wanted to feed you for a change.”

Squall eyed what Seifer was unloading and nodded. A somewhat hearty salad with several cruets filled with different dressings, ham slices with pineapple sauce, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. No, it wasn’t much, but that Seifer had gone to the trouble to reciprocate made him smile warmly at the blond. “Thank you.” He felt rather charmed, actually, and told Seifer about his visit with Laguna as they ate. Talk turned to what they might be doing next after they had removed to the couch, and Squall was becoming more and more turned on by the idle, seemingly absentminded wanderings of Seifer’s fingers. He finally reached up to wrap a hand around Seifer’s neck and pull him in for a kiss, which quickly turned into a heavy make-out session.

He had just begun to try to remove Seifer’s shirt when the blond grabbed his wrists and said, “There’s something specific I’d like to do.”

Squall eyed him a bit doubtfully.

“I promise, no bondage,” Seifer assured him, answering the unspoken question. “Even though I am still fantasizing about that.”

Squall nodded slowly. Hell, he was still fantasizing about that, but he just hadn’t quite stepped over the line to being willing to act any of it out yet. “And just what is it you want to do?”

Seifer stood up, pulling Squall with him, and started undressing. Squall also began to undress, but when he went to remove his boxer-briefs hands grabbed his wrists and Seifer shook his head. “No, keep those on for now. You’ll see.” A very naked Seifer drew Squall around to the other side of the couch and had him face it, then slowly, gently bent Squall over so the upper part of his chest and his shoulders were resting on the top edge of the couch and his legs had been spread apart. “Just wait here a minute. There’s a couple of things I need to get.” The second Squall stiffened slightly Seifer hastened to add, “On my honor, Squall, no bondage. And if at any time you say stop, we stop, okay?”

Squall nodded and brought his arms up so that he was treating the sofa almost like a steeply angled pillow and waited a touch nervously.

Seifer was back within a few minutes carrying a small tray table with him. Squall couldn’t see properly what was on it due to a cloth draped over the top; it only made him more nervous, despite trusting that Seifer wasn’t about to go back on his word. The table was placed somewhere behind him and he heard a soft sound which was probably the cloth being removed. He jumped slightly when he felt a hand slide down his back and pat his ass.

“Don’t you worry about a thing, Squall,” Seifer said huskily. “I’ll take care of you.”

Strong hands started massaging his neck and upper back, and Squall began to relax, despite the odd position he was in. Those wonderful hands slowly worked downward to his waist, Seifer’s thumbs occasionally dipping teasingly beneath the waistband of his briefs, then those same hands skimmed down his hips and thighs only to return up the back. Seifer’s thumbs kept sliding under the hem as his thighs were worked, not only the backs but the sides and fronts, and the slow teasing was killing him. Squall found himself wriggling his hips to express his impatience. One of the hands left his skin and suddenly his ass had been playfully slapped.

“Now, Squall, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You just let me take care of you, all right?”

Seifer went back to the slow massage, his thumbs and fingers rising ever higher under his briefs and teasing him dreadfully. Those fingers never quite reached his erection, nor did they reach his anus, but he was aching for it to happen and simply could not stop his hips from moving. His ass was slapped again, this time a little harder, and it only made him more aroused.

“Do you want these off? Is that it?” Seifer asked huskily. “Tell me, Squall.”

“Yes,” he breathed.

“Yes?” Seifer said silkily.


“Now that’s not the way to do it,” Seifer teased. “Tell me, Squall.”

“Take them off me!” he growled.

“That’s right, a nice commanding tone,” Seifer said with satisfaction evident in his voice.

Hands skimmed back up his flanks and his briefs were worked part way down his hips. Then the hands disappeared and something cold and metallic was grazing his skin. “I really don’t want you to move from that position,” he was told. “I’ll just get them off another way. It’s not like you don’t have plenty more.”

Squall couldn’t bring himself to care when he heard the distinct sound of fabric being cut and felt the cold metal slide up the back of his thighs and along his ass for each leg. The fabric was quickly stripped away and those glorious hands were back gliding over his skin. They swept over and massaged his ass, then disappeared, and he heard the sound of a plastic cap being snapped open. Oil was drizzled on his tailbone and allowed to trickle down over his anus, and then those hands were massaging his ass again.

He moaned and shifted when Seifer’s thumbs started moving in circles, getting ever closer to his anus. His mind flashed back to the last time they had fooled around and Seifer had finger fucked him. Seifer slapped him again after he jerked his hips back, then resumed his slow teasing. Those thumbs eventually—finally!—started pressing against his anus, rubbing in circles, spreading him, and making him want to scream in frustrated anticipation. He moaned again with relief when both pushed in and began to move in half circles, pressing outward.

“It feels good, doesn’t it,” Seifer purred, manipulating the tight ring of muscle a little more forcefully.

“Oh, god,” he practically sobbed, thrusting back mindlessly.

He was slapped again and more oil was drizzled before the torturous pleasure continued. It felt like he was being opened wider than was humanly possible, those strong thumbs forcing the muscle to relax and pushing deeper at the same time.

“Oh, god,” he repeated. “More.”

“More?” Seifer drawled. “I have a little something. . . . Tell me.”

“Whatever! Yes! Give me more!”

“As you command, Squall,” Seifer purred as his hands moved away. “I would never say no to you.”

Seconds later he felt more oil, then something soft yet firm nudging him, sliding up and down over his anus, then just barely pushing inward. He thrust back again, got slapped for it, and whatever it was—he knew it wasn’t Seifer’s cock—was pushed in deeper, making him groan loudly. One hand returned to massaging his ass, pulling his left cheek outward as that thing slowly impaled him. His mind finally managed to make the connection and he realized it was some kind of sex toy, a dildo, making his sphincter relax even more as Seifer fucked him with it and angled it around.

He was so hard and so aroused he thought he might come without his cock ever being touched, especially when Seifer started saying such dirty things, and he was having trouble getting enough air.

“You look so beautiful, Squall, spread open for me like this, begging with your hips. Do you like being slapped like this every time you do?” Seifer purred, slapping him yet again. “Being punished for misbehaving? Sobbing in pleasure as I violate your ass and make you beg for more? Do you like that? Do you like to hear those words? Shall I violate you harder, Squall? Look at you shamelessly begging for it. So delicious. So wanton. So desperate for it.”

Squall’s whole body stiffened as his balls drew in closer to his body, his head came up, and his cock began to pulse as devastating pleasure ripped through him, ejaculating semen all over the back side of the couch. “Seifer,” he moaned. He vaguely registered that Seifer had stepped back the pace a little after a minute, but did not stop. No, the dildo in his ass kept stretching him, fucking him, and in no time at all he could feel his cock hardening again.

“Ngh,” came from behind him. “You’re so beautiful, Squall. I could do this all day if you’d let me. I’ll even let you do it to me later if you want.” Seifer hummed. “You’re trembling, Squall. Do you want more? More of me violating your ass? Making you beg for it? Can you handle it? Tell me, Squall. What do you want?”

He honestly thought he was losing his mind. “Seifer,” he gasped.

“Yes, Squall?” Seifer gave an extra angled twist to the dildo as he thrust it in again.

“Oh, god. Seifer.” A spell of dizziness came over him and he knew he was starting to hyperventilate, so he tried to slow down his breathing. “Seifer.”

“Tell me, Squall.”

“God, Seifer, please!” he begged, barely registering when his ass was slapped repeatedly because of the way he was moving his hips.

“Your body keeps begging shamelessly, Squall, but I don’t hear the right words coming from those gorgeous lips of yours. Tellme!” Seifer growled, slapping him again.

“Nnnngh! I want you to fuck me!”

The next moment he felt an arm wrap around his waist and lift him bodily up and against Seifer. The dildo in his ass slipped out somewhat as Seifer grabbed the bottle of oil, and he was carried into the bedroom and unceremoniously tossed onto his back on the bed. Seifer stood there staring down at him, expression fierce. “Last chance to change your mind, Squall,” he warned.

“Fuck me!” he snarled. “Now!”

The look he was given should have set the sheets aflame. Seifer poured oil into his hand, snapped the cap shut and tossed the bottle aside, then slicked up his erection before kneeling on the bed between Squall’s thighs. The dildo was swiftly removed and flung over one shoulder, making Squall moan at the loss and how loose he felt, then Seifer slid a hand under his ass and raised his hips up off the bed, the other used to position his cock before moving to support him further.

Squall’s head pushed back against the mattress as the head of Seifer’s cock forced its way in slowly. Even with how much preparation he had been given he still felt some measure of pain and winced, but ignored it. “C’mon,” he growled. “Fuck me!”

Seifer slammed into him without further ado, wresting a strangled moan from Squall’s throat, then pulled back and thrust again. “Yeah?”

“Yeeesss,” he hissed.

Seifer lowered Squall’s ass to the bed and repositioned his legs, leaning over and using his longer body to his advantage. Arms came down to either side of him and Seifer began thrusting almost roughly as his head dipped down to savage Squall’s mouth. He pulled back slightly to whisper, “That’s right, Squall, feed me those moans, spur me on,” then captured his mouth again.

Even though they were closed Squall’s eyes rolled back. There was just enough of Seifer’s body brushing his cock that he stiffened up again a couple of minutes later and let loose, splattering himself and Seifer with more of his semen, sexual instinct making his hips snap in rhythm.

“I can’t hold it back any more, not with the way you’ve been teasing me, Squall,” Seifer muttered, then started slamming into him, roaring less than a minute later.

Squall tried desperately to catch his breath and finally just gave up, falling into unconsciousness from sheer overload.


Seifer exhaled heavily and slowly pulled away, then realized his beautiful lover had passed out on him some time in the last couple of minutes. He just couldn’t help the huge, ridiculously smug grin that twisted his lips. He very carefully extricated himself and got to his feet, then stumbled into the bathroom to clean himself up with a damp washcloth.

He grabbed another one and ran it under the warm water, then returned to gently take care of Squall’s unconscious body. It was no trouble at all to get the cover out from underneath and pushed onto the floor, nor to get Squall under the top sheet. He slipped back onto the bed and pulled the brunette up against him, then drifted off to sleep.


He woke up feeling deliciously relaxed, though in a bit of pain and still very tired, with arms wrapped around him and Seifer nuzzling his hair. His eyes opened lazily and he squirmed with need; his bladder was quite insistent that it would not wait much longer. Seifer’s arms tightened around him when he tried to get up and he was forced to kick him with a heel until Seifer complained drowsily and released him. Squall returned a few minutes later, wincing occasionally, and crawled back under the sheet. Seifer latched onto him again and pulled him close, kissing his forehead.

“You’re amazing,” Seifer murmured sleepily, pushing a knee between Squall’s thighs and kissing him again. “Beautiful. Never let you go, Squall. Perfect,” he mumbled.

Squall let out a faint, amused snort as Seifer drifted off to sleep again. Then he joined him.


Two days later, as they were just finishing up breakfast, the phone rang. Squall furrowed his brow and went to get it. “Leonhart.”

“Squall, good. Listen, we have a little emergency on the horizon,” came Laguna’s voice. “Get everyone and come to my office as soon as you can.”

“On it,” he said and hung up, then repeated things to Seifer.

Twenty minutes later they were gathered around the conference table, and Kiros was pulling images from a drone and arraying them on the table surface.

“What the hell is that thing?” Irvine asked.

“Lunatic Pandora,” Laguna said with uncharacteristic grimness. “You only really saw the insides before.”

“Technically,” Kiros said, “that name encompasses the sum of the casing you see and the crystal pillar you saw in the vision. What we do know is that it allegedly fell from the moon eighty years ago during the Lunar Cry which forced the remaining people at Centra to evacuate. The pillar was brought to Esthar, as you know, and Odine created the casing to surround it. It was used at one point in a test of its powers and triggered another Lunar Cry. After the war it was deemed too dangerous and we had it sunk in the ocean.”

“And now it’s been found,” Selphie said quietly. “Those brochures—they said Tear’s Point was the most likely place for a Lunar Cry to happen here in Esthar, so the facility was built to counteract and deflect use of Lunatic Pandora. Am I remembering right?”

“Yes,” Kiros said.

“So Galbadia managed to find it and plans to use it against us?” Seifer mused. “If they pull it off it would cause a lot of devastation and severely impact our resources. Kind of hard to plow a field and harvest vegetables when huge monsters are roaming around busting things up.”

“Well, technically—” Laguna stopped and shook his head. “Never mind.”

“The data from this drone estimates at the current rate of speed that Lunatic Pandora will cross our southern border in approximately an hour.”

“What do you want us to do?” Squall asked.

“Get geared up and take a ship to be on standby at a spot not far distant,” Kiros replied. “Tears’ Point should take care of it, but we should be ready. Unfortunately, we have no ships with offensive capabilities and the one being built is not yet complete. Now that Adel’s Tomb is gone radio communication is viable again, so we would be able to communicate in real time without needing boosted equipment.”

As he was saying that Laguna got up and went to the desk to pick up the phone and dial. “Yeah, it’s me. Not sure if we’ll need it, but bring the generators online and raise the city’s shields. No, I’m not kidding. We have an incoming. I want this done immediately.”

Kiros continued smoothly, “If Tears’ Point is unable to prevent a Lunar Cry you would have a quick method of escape back to the city. I’m already sending down orders for drones to converge on that area, but there’s a chance they could malfunction or be destroyed so close to Lunatic Pandora, and they are not equipped for wireless transmissions. Something that should also probably be corrected.”

Laguna came back and rolled his eyes. “Ward, I don’t think the boys are taking this seriously enough.”

Ward had a flinty look in his eyes as he got up and jogged off to go take care of it.

“Let’s get you set up with long range coms,” Kiros said.